Meet Jazmine Mychelle

Pit Motivator & Generational Chain Breaker

As a millennial media mogul, entrepreneur and philanthropist, Jazmine M. Stockdale also known as Jazmine Mychelle is the founder and CEO of the Birmingham, Alabama-based Jazmine Mychelle Enterprises. This dynamic emerging leader is on a mission to transform, uplift and empower others by providing community-based improvement opportunities. Along with branding seminars, Jazmine Mychelle engages small businesses with opportunities to learn about improving their finances and panel discussions on personal and business growth. This creative, authentic and powerful thought leader also motivates the masses through frequent speaking engagements.


Highly sought after as a conference and seminar presenter, this natural storyteller has also been featured in magazine articles and on faith-based and lifestyle blogs.


Because of her unyielding passion for helping others discover their purpose, Jazmine Mychelle founded Pit Pulling Purpose Academy, a transformational mentoring program for women and Shaping Women Bootcamp, an annual event that teaches women to operate in their purpose.

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