From the outside looking in, many would deem Jazmine Mychelle successful or say that she was doing the thing at her young age but in actuality they didn’t know that she viewed herself as a failure. After 2 degrees, 5 rebrands, and 2 closed businesses, she found herself back at square one: getting her vision ready for the world to see. When she first began her entrepreneurial journey, God was the center of the visions entrusted to her but as time grew, money became her God. It wasn’t until she went through her Job season (where she lost everything) when she realized that she couldn’t fulfill her purpose without God. She needed him for everything. As The Vision Architect, she wants to take her many lessons in business and compile them with Biblical truth to help every author, business owner, ministry leader and podcaster get their God-given vision ready for the world to see.

The Bible & Branding BluePrint E-Book

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